Our agency is a group of companies which has been active in Germany for thirty years, and it is Germany’s first franchise exhibition booth builder.

Our radius of action goes far beyond the borders of the Federal Republic of Germany because orders from overseas even are carried out successfully.

Our company provides services for manufacturing and trading companies of various branches, from medium-sized undertakings to large enterprises.

Embassies, ministries, authorities, federations and associations belong to our customers as well. Galleries, event organisers, trade-fair organisers and interest groups of all types make use of our services.

We are looking for self-employed sales members interested in franchise in the field of fairs, events, public functions and advertising.

LOEWE-Messebau is established as a limited liability company under German law with the addition of the respective town, such as LOEWE Messebau-Berlin GmbH. This limited liability company operates as a franchisee of LOEWE Messebau-Deutschland AG & Co. KG.

The position holder canvasses potential customers from his draw area by means of acquisition. The position holder consults and informs the customer about modern exhibition concepts, presents new fairs and extends the presentation scope of the customer. The franchisee organises the processes on exhibition sites and many things more.