The Company

More than 30 years of experience in exhibition stand construction

Introducing ourselves:

Loewe Messebau Deutschland AG & Co. KG is a medium-sized enterprise with head office in Halle (Saale). We build system and individual exhibition stands throughout Europe with the help of experienced employees who have been active in the company for many years and our full range of equipment. Our team has even been able to gain experience abroad and contribute our extensive know-how to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our goal is to make the visions of our customers recognisable.



Any company that presents its products at trade fairs – worldwide – is guided by visions. The task of a trade fair constructor is to arrange these visions with elegance and style as well as a sustainably high recognition value.

Loewe Messebau Deutschland AG & Co. KG develops exhibition stand solutions tailored exactly to customer requirements and which visitors will remember for a long time to come.

Allow us to also inspire you!


Worlds of experience

Corporate communication has become an inherent part of modern management. That is why professionalism in the implementation is indispensable. For the visitor, your trade fair appearance is tantamount to an event that has to achieve the ‘aha’ effect.

That is why the best conceivable variation is a solution – everything from one source – such as that offered by Loewe Messebau Deutschland AG & Co. KG. Advice, concept, design, equipment setup & dismantling, transport and – if need be – storage are among our range of full services.

We have been able to prove our capability many times.

Take our word for it!


LOEWE Messebau

Based on your central themes and ideas, we develop the creative platform for a trade fair appearance that appeals to your target groups and which they will remember for a long time to come.

We are always there for you. Arrange a personal consultation!



Since advice is our declared top priority, this will always be undertaken through one of our independent entrepreneurial business partners – i.e. knowledge and ability from one source.

Here you can already find out all the details about the full range of services offered by Loewe Messebau Deutschland AG & Co. KG.



Our company’s clients are manufacturing and commercial enterprises from all sectors, ranging from medium-sized companies to large-scale enterprises.

Our clients also include ministries, administrative bodies, embassies, organisations and professional associations.

Galleries, event organisers, trade fair companies and interest groups of all kinds use our services.

Customer care and level of performance are our maxim.